How new technology, regulation and changes to shipboard practices could reduce the impact of ballast water discharge on the marine environment | Foster. A (2014)



This report investigates how new technology, new regulation in the form of the Ballast Water Management Convention and new shipboard practices will reduce the impact on the marine environment caused by ballast water discharge from ships.
The impacts on the marine environment caused by ballast discharge, have been catastrophic, especially in places like the Great Lakes, Black and Caspian Seas where there has been a rapid collapse of native species and the local eco-system. Not only has the effect on the marine environment been immense but the financial cost of ballast water discharge runs into billions of US dollars.
In the next two to three years it is likely that the BWM convention will come into force, meaning that the world’s fleet will have to adopt new technology and practices to comply with the convention.

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Alexander Foster (2014)

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