The ISM Code – Instructions for the Guidance of Surveyors



A digital publication covering all aspects of the ISM Code in detail.CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND 1.1 Object of the Instructions 1.2 The ISM Code 1.3 Why is there an ISM Code? 1.4 UK and IMO measures towards Safe Management of Ships 1.5 Principles and Objectives of the ISM Code 1.6 The Safety Culture 1.7 The Safety Management System (SMS) 1.8 The UK Policy 1.9 The Audit for Compliance 1.10 Index of Documents CHAPTER 2 LEGISLATIVE REQUIREMENTS 2.1 Definitions 2.2 International Legislation 2.3 European Union Legislation 2.4 The Merchant Shipping (ISM) (Ro-Ro Passenger Ferries) Regulations 1998 2.5 The Merchant Shipping (ISM) Regulations 1998 2.6 The ISM Code: Basic Competence for Performing Verification 2.7 The Document of Compliance (DOC) 2.8 The Safety Management Certificate (SMC) CHAPTER 3 THE CERTIFICATION PROCESS 3.1 The Document of Compliance (DOC) 3.2 The Safety Management Certificate (SMC) 3.3 Document Review and Planning 3.4 Initial Audits 3.5 The Declaration of Audit and issue of certificates 3.6 The Document of Compliance (DOC) Audit 3.7 Companies Operating a multi-flagged fleet 3.8 DOC issued by another Administration 3.9 Amending the DOC to include new ship types 3.10 The Safety Management Certificate (SMC) Audit 3.11 Interim DOC and SMC 3.12 DOC or SMC Renewal Audit 3.13 Annual Verification (DOC) and Intermediate Verification (SMC) Audits CHAPTER 4 CONDUCTING THE AUDIT 4.1 The Safety Management System 4.2 The Audit Plan 4.3 Responsibility of Lead Auditor 4.4 Typical Agenda for Opening and Closing Meetings 4.5 Assessing the Safety Management System 4.6 Human Element 4.7 Observation 4.8 Non-Conformity 4.9 Major Non-Conformity 4.10 Non-Conformity Note

4.11 Audit Report 4.12 Audit Report for Document of Compliance Audit 4.13 Audit Report for Safety Management Certificate Audit 4.14 Close-out of Major and Minor Non-Conformities 4.15 Corrective Action 4.16 Cancellation or Suspension of DOC or SMC 4.17 Confidentiality of Audit CHAPTER 5 THE ISM CODE Part A Implementation Section 1 Objectives Section 2 Safety and Environmental Protection Policy Section 3 Company Responsibilities and Authority Section 4 Designated Person(s) Section 5 Master’s Responsibility and Authority Section 6 Resources and Personnel Section 7 Development of Plans for Shipboard Operations Section 8 Emergency Preparedness Section 9 Reports and Analysis of Non-conformities, Accidents and Hazardous Occurrences Section 10 Maintenance of the Ship and Equipment Section 11 Documentation Section 12 Company Verification, Review and Evaluation Part B Certification & Verification Section 13 Certification Periodic Verification Section 14 Interim Certification Section 15 Verification Section 16 Forms of Certificates CHAPTER 6 REPORTING & FILING ETC 6.1 Reporting & Quality Control Procedures 6.2 SIAS/SIRENAC CHAPTER 7 PORT STATE CONTROL


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